Original English translation from Japanese by Mikao Usui:

For today only

I will be free of anger.
I will be free of worry.
I will be grateful and humble.
I will do my work to the best of my ability with appreciation.
I will be kind to all living beings.

Spiritual translation by my teacher, Suhail S. Jarroush, Ph.D.:

For today only

I am in my peace regardless of the experience I will face.
I am certain of my faith regardless of whatever task I will do.
I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to assert my divinity.
I appreciate the challenge to face life with the strength of my divinity.
My heart vibrates with kindness and love as one with every earthly creation.


“Rei” translated from Japanese ideograms, means Spiritual Wisdom (God-Consciousness) and “Ki” – means life force (Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit, Ti or Ki in Hawaiian). Rei guides Ki. When we “let go and let God” guide us, Innate Wisdom allows Universal Life Force to balance our life for the Highest Good.

The principles of Reiki seem simple, and they are. The key to this simple road map to success and happiness is to live by these principles.

It is simple, but it is not easy.

That is why a Master prefaced the principles by saying “For today only.”
I keep a copy in my house and car, where I can see it everyday. I find it helpful in my two-hour, traffic-filled commute to work each morning and evening.

Reiki principles came to us from time immemorial, through the ancient Vedas. They are the basis of all spiritual teachings – the basis of bringing harmony into one’s life. Practicing them each day helps us to stay in harmony with the Universal Life Energy. Stating them out loud each day helps us remember to do our best.

The principles of Reiki are the essence of living a spiritual life. Living in harmony with the Divine is living a life based in kindness, compassion, love, gratitude, peace and balance. These principles lead one to self-mastery. Self-mastery leads to Enlightenment – Oneness with the Divine.

Reiki principles summarize the tasks we must perform to manifest our Earthly life’s purpose – to create a conscious human soul that vibrates at the same rate as the Divine.

I am a firm believer in the power of intention, the power of focused energy. We attract our heart-felt, prayerful intentions. I have personally experienced this power, dramatically, when my life was held in the balance of a near-death experience. Later, I learned how the life force of essential oils and crystals resonate energy, and help magnify our intentions. They help accelerate the healing process if it is appropriate to a soul’s life purpose.

For your highest potential, I offer you my Raindrop Technique with “therapeutic-grade” essential oils. I’m guided to use different crystals, for specific needs, and the recipient is guided to utilize a specific crystal, when appropriate. Reiki guides me in balancing your life force, with or without nature’s remedies. For those who practice Reiki’s principles with me, the journey towards balancing the body, mind, and spirit will flow freely with Universal Wisdom, guided by Universal Life Force.

May the principles of Reiki be utilized for our best health, and highest good!

May peace be with you today, and always!

The soul in me honors the soul in you,

Reverend Bill
Reiki III Master Level