Since 1970, my wife Judith and I have been on a spiritual journey. We became Yoga Teachers in 1980 and lived, learned and served in a small Spiritual community called the American Yoga Conservatory in Blairstown, NJ. The ashram disbanded in 1986, so we needed to learn how to incorporate the spiritual community experience into our partnership in life. It’s been a process that’s been guided by our intention to serve, love and give. We were blessed to be guided to some of Mother Earth’s most sacred and special treasures…

“A miracle is only science that hasn’t been discovered…”
Albert Einstein

judith with apache

I’ve been a carpenter, the president and business agent of a labor union local, and a restaurant owner before and after the American Yoga Conservatory experience. In 2005 I had a near-death experience and miraculous recovery that brought me to this Ministry. I’ve learned essential wisdom: Mother Nature has a life-force that assists and amplifies our best intentions, and Love is the true healer. Therapeutic essential oils and crystals have supported us throughout life.

Judith & I became Ministers of Lightwing Center of LifeSpirit Congregational Church in 2010. LifeSpirit is a non-denominational health-freedom organization that supports natural modalities that help balance the body, mind and spirit. We work together to bring to you the highest quality substances the Spirit of Life can offer.

Judith (MSW, LCSW, BCETS) founded Shiome Therapy tm, in 1999, and has over 20 years of experience in helping people recover from emotional trauma. Shiome’s slogan is “Therapy Doesn’t Have to Last a Lifetime;” because it is an evolving energy-based psychotherapy that expedites the emotional healing process by utilizing the body’s natural healing abilities. It combines bi-lateral brain stimulation (EMDR), Energy Psychology, Essential Oils, Gestalt, and Cognitive Therapy and Crystals, with a healing dose of spiritual intuition.

We assist the body’s balancing process with Reiki and Raindrop Technique using specific Crystals and Young Living Essential Oils. Together, we wish to bring you and your loved ones the very best tools and techniques to assist your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and well-being.

apache puppy playful

This little pup is our newest treasure! Apache is a gift who brings joy to most everyone he meets! He was brought into our lives in a bitter-sweet way. After we decided to stop looking for a puppy, and Judi asked God to just bring one to us, our niece, Carly, found his brother, Linus, and sent us a text picture, telling us that this puppy was ours. She passed away suddenly, in February, 2013, and these puppies keep us close to Carly, and our sister, Irene, her mom. We set up a foundation in her name, to support underprivileged children and cancer research. We feel Apache is our gift from God, and we are focused on keeping him the healthy, happy, service animal he is. He’s already experienced energy assistance from a tick bite using YL’s Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils (oregano, rosemary, clove), and other natural interventions. He has a natural raw diet, and we use only organic, natural cleaning and personal care products for all of our highest good.

Our last two dogs lived to be 16 years old. We fed them organic dog food, and also gave them lots of love and attention, but they both suffered from arthritis pain at the end of their days. We’ve learned so much more about the natural prevention of this disease since those days, and we invite you to share in our life’s journey with Apache. We hope to see him live a long, healthy, pain-free life with God’s help.

The more we live, the more we learn and love to share this Essential Wisdom for body, mind and spirit. Nature’s Wisdom applies to every living entity, as we are all programmed to heal, having infinite intelligence in every cell of the body. When physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance is found, when trauma and infections are removed, the body heals s itself naturally. Crystals, essential oils, spiritual affirmations and intentions all work together to amplify the healing process. We hope to bless your life with additional ways and means to keep your unique and individual Soul close to your Life Force and Great Spirit during your “walkabout” on Planet Earth.