Here are some of Bills many crystals. Click to enlarge.

Crystal Properties


Enhances spiritual awareness; high spiritual vibration; transmutes negative energy to love;
Protective stone; balances with powerful healing properties; helps one focus and process
ideas; helps meditation, motivation and enhances memory; helps balance endocrine system
and metabolism, sleep and dream state enhancer, stress reducer, cleanses aura, links and balances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies – helpful to transition to the hereafter.


Invokes courage/valor/tolerance; calming, balancing; assists and protects sensitive individuals; filters information, clears confusion, sharpens perception, enhances intuition,; helps break old patterns; helpful for closures; promotes self-less service; assists thyroid, throat and gland issues; balances immune system.


Blood and energy cleanser, immune system stimulator, regulates blood flow; grounding and protecting, great to re-vitalize. Dream-provoker. Calming for the mind, promotes courage. Stimulating, energizing, regenerating; inspires love and devotion, connected with pituitary gland, activates other crystals; increases self perception, dispels negative patterns, stimulates controlled rise of kundalini, invokes courage.


High vibration, composed of Divine energy; promotes spiritual development, brings strength and inner peace; heightens states of consciousness and opens one to heavenly light.


Powerful regenerator, cleanser; carries the sun’s power; absorbs, dissipates, grounds and transmutes negative energies; attracts abundance; promotes one’s personal power, self esteem, protects auric field – helps sensitive people. Sustaining and supportive, balances the body’s minerals, balances auric field & body/mind/spirit; stimulates imagination; strengthens boundaries, stimulates base chakra and helps in rebirthing process, helps promote keeping healthy boundaries

Clear Quartz:

Energy amplifier, powerful healing generator; magnifies electromagnetic field, dispels
static electricity; deep cleanser and energy regulator; attunes to the specific energy needed
for an individual healing, enhances meditation; efficient programming receptor, enhances
psychic potential, increases energy vibration to the highest level, enhances immune system,
aligns entire energy field.


Repels negativity, releases past negative impressions; stimulates intuition, treats eye and brain disorders; prepares body & soul for ascension, a stone for intuition and transformation – helps reveal Spiritual destiny. Resonates with Archangel Raphael – healing & love.


Solidly supportive and protective while impelling us to grow. It’s a grounding cord – anchoring our base chakra to the earth, our spirit to our body. Helps us to confront our issues, making clear what is behind them, while encouraging us to clear them and gives insight to the cause. Soaks up negative energy, so needs to be cleared under running water.

Rose Quartz:

Teaches the true essence of unconditional love. Excellent for trauma, calming, soothing, teaches self love; opens the heart to give & receive love. Brings inner healing, and restores trust in love; attracts love. Replaces negative energy with a loving vibration. Encourages
forgiveness and self-acceptance. Important stone for opening the heart chakra.


High vibration; helps open the crown and higher chakras. Has a calming effect, excellent
For meditation; enhances clarity, telepathy, helps align spinal column, helps clear
confusion, and assists in bringing insight. Neutralizes amalgam, reverses negative effects of free
radicals. Assists breast-feeding and nurturing of children; placed in 4 corners of home
forms protective “grid.” Helps anchor the light body to earth’s vibration.